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Investing in Business and Community – Not just a tagline.

MCDEVCO, Inc. was formed on June 5, 1978 as a 501(c) (3) under the name of Development Corporation of Marathon County. The organization has gone through a number of name changes and has continually modified its goals and objectives to meet the demands of our changing community. The original organizers included: Robert Walraven, Ray Obel, Frank Plano, Bart Kellnhauser, Norm Lang, Herbet Terwilliger, Arden Emmerich, Ray Ott, Michael Siegel, and Eldred Drescher.

The purpose of the Corporation was to promote the social and economic welfare of the residents of Marathon County. The primary focus was to lessen the burdens of government by reducing the need for public assistance; and to alleviate unemployment, relieve poverty, and eliminate blighted areas that had surfaced within the County. The organization’s fundamental objectives were to bring about civic betterments and social improvements designed to promote the common good and general welfare of Marathon County, Wisconsin.

On February 8, 1979 the Board of Directors changed the corporation’s name to McDEVCO, Inc.; however, the mission and purpose of the corporation remained the same. In 1993, the corporation become known as MCDEVCO, Inc. (all caps). Reference to the original name of Development Corporation of Marathon County has not been used from this time forward.

In the process of day-to-day business MCDEVCO is also accomplishing major goals from Marathon County’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 regarding GAP financing.

Objective 10.10

Strategy B – Support MCDEVCO’s low-interest loan fund to finance new farmer startups and adoption of new technology to existing farmers.

Strategy C – Enhance awareness of MCDEVCO as the primary point of contact for business expansion and startup information.

MCDEVCO’s three strategic goals are GAP Financing – loans, Entrepreneurs – The GEARS Center and educational programming for entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize business owners, Women Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs programs.

These strategies fulfill our mission statement to:

Invest in Business Development and Community Growth through the Integration of Resources.