Who are we and what can we offer businesses that come to Marathon County? This demographic profile illustrates the opportunities available for business expansion and relocation.


Our population continues to grow because of the recreational, educational and cultural opportunities available in Marathon County.

In 2011, 134,848 people make Marathon County their home. In five years, the population is expected to grow 2% due to increasing educational, recreational and economic opportunities.

Educational attainment

Our K-12 students consistently outperform other students in Wisconsin and the nation. Our postsecondary educational options are also diverse — a two-year university, five community colleges and a four-year university within 30 minutes.

A majority (89.3%) of our population have a high school diploma or higher, with 21.7% of the population holding a bachelors degree or higher. 

Educational Attainment Chart

  • 95.8% average high school graduation rate for all eight school districts; Wisconsin’s average is 89.9%.
  • The average composite ACT scores for all Marathon County school districts is 22.3, as compared to the national average of 21.
  • Charter schools and school to work programs have been established, including the Youth Entrepreneurial Development program, K-12 Industry Engagement program and Gold Collared Career program.

Income/Cost of living

Marathon County offers the amenities of an urban location, but at lower rural cost.

  • Per capita personal income is $36,026.
  • The median household income is $55,366.
  • Average home value: $141,500
  • Telephone service starts at $12.59/month.
  • Quarterly rates for water range from $15.45 to $27.00; for sewer $12.50 to $27.00 plus the additional volume charge of $1.69-$2.80 per 100 cubic feet of water.

Wisconsin’s average electric use per household is 689 kWh per month at $0.12209 per kWh.
The national average cost of home heating oil is $3.66/gallon. Wisconsin averages $3.45-$3.55/gallon, while the cost of propane in Marathon County is $1.99-$2.48/gallon.


We have a robust workforce population with a growing number of younger workers returning or moving to the region.

Marathon County is filled with families. With a projected 2% population increase projected by 2016, that number will continue to grow — as will the percentage of younger workers.