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Marathon County
Wisconsin Central Time

In Marathon County you are in a whole different time zone. Wisconsin Central Time is about living in the moment. It’s not about living to work or working to live, but about living fully; about enjoying that kind of balance to life that allows you to approach every day with heightened appreciation. Marathon County offers an abundance of diversity in culture, recreation, natural beauty, seasons, economic activity and residential options.

With a full complement of the four seasons you will find recreational opportunities for skiing (downhill and cross country), fishing, boating, snowmobiling, biking and kayaking to name a few. We host world class kayaking competitions, as well as the Junior Olympic trials for cross country skiing. There is an abundance of hills, forests, lakes, rivers, vegetation, and geography accessible to you as a visitor or resident. Granite Peak is a burst with color in the fall and bustling with out of state visitors and locals during the downhill ski season. The Grand Theater offers a venue of entertainment that one would expect to find only in larger metropolitan areas. If an artistic venue is more to your liking, the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museum is a must see, especially the internationally renowned Birds in Art annual exhibit. Throughout the County our communities offer a variety of farmers markets, ethnic festivals and fairs.

Marathon County offers as much diversity in residential options and employment as it does in ethnicity, recreation, natural beauty and culture. Our metropolitan area consists of several communities centrally located at the intersections of I-39/US 51 and Hwy 29. Our regional airport is easily accessible to the business or vacation traveler. Our economy is comprised of a strong health care industry, professional services, manufacturing, agri-business, and a strong commitment to entrepreneurship. Whether you are looking for a metropolitan setting or the benefits of rural small town living it can be found in Marathon County. Come experience Wisconsin Central Time.

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Marathon County is committed to being an "Environmentally Responsibile County Government", which includes policies and programs that conserve energy, and reduce fuel/ utility/ resource consumption.