Smart Business Tips for Any Season

Holidays are a great time for company exposure. Any holiday can be used as a time to show customer appreciation and give back to the community. Often, there is a push for customer appreciation and community giving during Christmas, but in reality, it is important to incorporate these items throughout the year! Utilizing the following tips will help companies gain positive exposure and allow others to learn more about the company’s culture. 

  • Organize a drive –There is a constant need for food, clothing, and blood drives throughout the year.  The population of homeless people has grown significantly as the unemployed drop off of the surveys as their benefits run out.  Use your location and whatever resources available to gather these items.  Issue a press release or contact the local papers to let the community know when and where to donate and how your distribution logistics operate. Feeding America provides helpful information to host a food drive, One Warm Coat provides easy instructions to help you organize a coat drive, or contact the Red Cross to schedule a blood drive
  • Organize a card campaign – gain some positive PR for your business and get the community behind a card campaign.  Work with to send cards to the troops overseas. These cards can be sent individually or collectively to different groups or divisions. Get everyone in your organization to sign. The service men and women will remember you when they return. 
  • Send thank you gifts that reflect your company’s character or location – There are many online sites that can provide unique gifts that tell a recipient that you put thought into everything you do. Consumable gifts, either imported or typical of your region can be personalized with your company’s logo, such as decadent, engraved chocolate bars like these from Totally Chocolate or maybe a local winery or craft brewed beer. So can electronics and personal items. The number one smart phone is the iPhone, which needs to be protected with a sturdy case. Tiny Prints offers customizable iPhone cases that can be personalized with your company’s logo or a photo that represents you. Think out of the basket.  Fruit basket, that is.
  • Start a shop local campaign – Contact local merchants and have them become part of a directory or directories sent out with coupons to your entire mailing list.  This can be regional, municipal or even national initiative.
  • Dedicate your time and show you care – Make a donation on behalf of your company to your favorite charity or animal rescue group. You can also dedicate a day for the company to volunteer to clean up the local lake, beach etc. 

Do more to promote your business this year through creative thinking while helping to provide happiness to others as you do.  A little gesture of caring goes a long way and the rewards are certain to be returned. Remember that Christmas is a time for peace and good will to all, but why not let your business show you care all year long.

Written by J.Lopez, freelance writer

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