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Marathon County is the northernmost business community in Wisconsin — making us a go-to destination for people and companies, as well as the businesses that support them. It also makes us a gateway for business developers who want to live part- or full-time in the north woods of Wisconsin — we’re the perfect location for satellite offices.

Marathon County has an abundance of highly qualified accountants, marketers, printers, developers and benefits and insurance providers. With a highly skilled workforce and comprehensive business support services for entrepreneurs and large and small businesses, this is the place to be.


American Banker Magazine ranked PSB Holdings Inc., the parent company of Peoples State Bank, in the top 10 percent of most profitable community banks and thrifts in the nation.
The writing of the nation's first workers' compensation policy 100 years ago today gave Wausau an extremely unique place in U.S. history, and it sparked a much-needed economic expansion as logging waned.
Raising brass: Convincing investors to chip in. There are numerous ways to structure companies and raise funds, which is why it's important to begin with people you trust
Start It Up: Track down money for your new business. Even the greatest idea in the world needs to be paid for. It will be a challenge, but persistence and diligence in pursuing capital will get your idea from the drawing board to opening day.
Don't Go It Alone: Get support for you and your startup. Where once there were walls of secrecy, there is collaboration.
Earlier this year, M&I, a part of BMO Financial Group, merged with Harris Bank to become BMO Harris Bank
Business Day in Madison has become the premiere business gathering

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