Wausau One of Top 10 Paddling Cities

David Brown is the executive director of the American Outdoors Association (americaoutdoors.org). He has compiled a list of his Top 10 Favorite Whitewater Parks in the United States. Wausau has made it on that list.

Wausau's famous Whitewater Park attracts kayakers from around the world, who surf the waves and perform stunts. The course, which has welcomed Olympians, has bleachers from which to watch the action. There are also introductory classes geared toward beginners. "They do a lot of kayak slalom races up there," Brown says. "It's just in the town area, and it's very active." 715-572-6197; wausauwhitewater.org
For the full article about David Brown's top 10 Whitewater Park choices go to www.usatoday.com/destinations.


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