Cost Savings With Energy Conservation

Business Cost Savings Through Energy Conservation

A simple, yet significant way for local businesses to reduce operational costs is to increase a facility’s energy efficiency. For more than 20 years now, the energy management specialists of Complete Control, Inc. have made it their priority to save businesses money by creating solutions for outdated and inefficient energy related systems, processes and components. The immediate and long-term savings realized by retrofitting existing structures and pre-planning for efficiency in new construction can often result in a significant and positive impact on a business’s bottom line.

The process of gaining energy efficiency at your place of business begins with a thorough investigation of the facility as a whole. Complete Control’s energy management specialists focus on lighting, HVAC systems, insulation, the entire building envelope, and employee processes; in order to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce energy waste. Inclusive to the facility walk-thru, the specialists conduct an extensive review of past energy bills. Electricity and natural gas use by year, season, month, day, hour; provides the essential baseline information for peaks and lulls in energy consumption. In fact, reviewing and logging your energy bills each month is a great, no-cost way to start creating energy savings for your business today. Determining operational processes that align with times of peak energy use, and simply altering when those processes are completed throughout the day can create an immediate opportunity for cost-savings at little to no cost as well.

With a complete analysis of your facility energy use and cost-savings solutions that meet your specific needs, the energy management specialists can then guide or facilitate the next steps to start reducing your energy use and improving your bottom line . Along with an energy reduction plan, Complete Control can help you take advantage of Focus on Energy programs that provide tax incentives or grant funding to help offset costs of retrofitting or new construction energy efficiency measures.

Today’s economic climate demands that every business looks to reduce operational costs. Targeting energy consumption offers not only a quick solution, but also a long-term cost-savings opportunity for businesses of all industries; an office, a medical facility or an industrial or manufacturing plant. Contact a Complete Control professional today to learn more about how they can assist your business.

Provided by Complete Control, Inc.

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