Consumer Trends

The Age of the Seller is succumbing to The Age of the Customer as customers resist the restrictions of the former age and embrace the empowerment of the new
How are today's consumer finance trends influencing the consumer market? Consumer spending is a critical factor of overall economic health, driving 70 percent of all economic activity in the U.S.
With the steady increase in mobile tech developments in recent years, many small businesses have made mobile commerce, or m-commerce, a priority.
2014 looks set to be a year of demanding more. When we look at the small cultural shifts that beckon change–the emerging behaviours that are just reaching the mainstream–it seems that consumers are going to expect more than ever.
Before signing the lease to that amazing new apartment you discovered, there are many things you need to learn about your potential home that can affect your finances
Whether it's a $30,000 salary or $130,000, your first "real job" is probably the biggest income change you'll experience.
Business Day in Madison has become the premiere business gathering

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