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The Three Things You Need to Do When You've Upset Your Customer
Whether it's a launch party, a conference or a networking event, companies have been hosting and marketing live events for decades. In the age of social media, spreading the word about an event is easier — and more beneficial to your brand — than ever.
Going above and beyond for your customers doesn't always pay off, new research finds.
Chances care, you've heard a story in the past few months from a friend, family member or from the tons of media we're all subjected to on a daily basis. Chances are, too, that you've also heard some statistics of one sort or another. Which of these two types of information was easiest to remember? My bet is on the story you heard.
Effective socia-media marketing helps build successful businesses. A recent study by Shareaholic, which tracked 300,000 websites over four months, suggested that social-media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic.
Especially when starting out, word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective way to grow your business.
Business Day in Madison has become the premiere business gathering

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