Co-Working Benefits

In the past decade, a revolution has taken place in how entrepreneurs view work and work spaces. That revolution is the concept of co-working. Indeed, statistics show that increasingly co-working has become the new normal. 

Let us start by defining co-working. It is a way of working where people/businesses share a common space for their independent activity.  So how can this way of working benefit you, particularly in the GEARS Co-working Center at MCDEVCO?

  1. Professionalism

Having a professional workspace tells the world that you have made a commitment to your business. The GEARS Center offers you a real business address, including a place to have your business mail delivered. In addition to a scalable workspace, you have access to conference and meeting rooms and traditional office amenities like a copier, coffee/tea, etc. Having a private, professional place to meet with clients, co-workers or investors is essential.

  1. Productivity

Working at home, or at the coffee shop, can be distracting.  At home, there is always some seemingly essential chore: cleaning, paying bills, interacting with family members.  Perhaps, it is that food in the refrigerator or a TV show that you get sucked into watching that sidetracks you. Committing to your work and setting aside the time and place to getting it done is essential for building a business. A professional workspace makes it easier to structure your time and to maintain a professional working routine.

  1. Flexibility

The beauty of a co-working space like GEARS is that you have no long-term financial commitments. Pay for only what you need right now and change it as your needs change. How you use the space is limited by your creativity. Is your business in transition, a period of uncertainty? Do you have a partner or co-worker and together you don’t each need a full office? Have an important client meeting and need a professional meeting space for only a day? These changing needs and many others can be met by a co-working space. At GEARS, memberships range from a virtual office to private offices with locking doors.

  1. Efficiency

Renting a co-working space is cheaper and easier than setting up and supporting your own office. Instead of worrying about furniture, leases, utilities and high-speed internet, you can walk into a ready-made office and spend all your time focusing on your business. Also, a separate co-working space membership can be much cleaner for your business taxes than declaring a home office.

  1. Community

Just being around other motivated entrepreneurs can be that extra boost to keep you on track and motivated. There is also the potential to learn from others in the space, discuss issues you are facing and get different perspectives. In addition, at the GEARS Center you will have direct access to MCDEVCO- the primary point of business expansion and startup information in Marathon County. That includes free (or reduced cost) educational programs, workshops, seminars, and most importantly, the opportunity to meet successful business volunteer mentors.

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