For the Success of Your Business

For the Success of Your Business. For the Life of Your Business.

SCORE is a free service for entrepreneurs starting a business or existing businesses needing some guidance.  The goal of Wausau SCORE is to help establish and preserve businesses and jobs in our community.  There are 30 business counselors willing to share their business expertise and experience.

SCORE has been in Wausau for more than two decades providing workshops and individualized business counseling. SCORE counselors are business professionals with backgrounds ranging from small business owner to corporate executive.  Individuals who are facing the challenges of starting a business or businesses dealing with preserving and growing a business will benefit from experience-based business insight.  For the entrepreneur getting started, counselors advise and direct them to licensing agencies, lending institutions or resources to expedite their progress.  For businesses experiencing challenges, SCORE counselors help analyze and adjust practices to deal with those challenges. 

In addition, SCORE assists entrepreneurs and businesses in acquiring funding.  More often than not, funding is predicated on presenting a well thought out and organized business plan to a lending institution or investor.  SCORE counselors have experience creating business plans and will help in the development of a successful plan.  SCORE will offer suggestions on format, offer perspective on the most important aspects for each individual situation and suggest appropriate verbiage and tense.  Additionally, counselors will review the plan to assess viability, appropriateness and credibility, including a review of the financials.  Those following suggestions lead to a quality plan presentable to financial institutions and usable as a management tool.

Other great resources are the SCORE workshops. They are offered the fourth Tuesday of each month (excluding December), and are designed to expose attendees to topics encountered when starting or running a business.  Subject areas include:

  • The Business Plan: importance and organization
  • Legal: contracts and business structure
  • Marketing: traditional and online considerations
  • Financial: operational and tax considerations
  • The Entrepreneur: individual traits of a business owner/operator  

Workshops have been well received with one hundred percent of attendees in the last four years responding they would recommend them to others.  As with all our services, workshops are FREE.

SCORE is expanding services and transforming both nationally and locally.  The focus is to migrate from an organization providing on-demand services to an organization providing continuous mentoring.  A new logo and respective tag line, “SCORE for the life of your business” has been recently introduced.  As it suggests, the goal is to offer ongoing mentoring services for the continued success of a business.  New, integrated systems are being installed to facilitate the process.  Clients requesting services will be assigned a mentor and given access to SCORE’s online systems, allowing them to review discussions, materials and results from all interactions.  In addition, online business tools and templates will be available.  Consistent with SCORE’s philosophy, all discussions are confidential between counselors and clients and all online records are password secured and available for review only by the involved parties.

Locally, there is a joint initiative between The Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce, McDEVCO and Marathon County to establish a one-stop resource for small business at the Entrepreneurial Development Center.  Wausau SCORE will be one of the business resources available on a scheduled basis to compliment other business resources at the center.

Wausau SCORE plans to enhance services in 2011 to serve those without ready access to business guidance.  SCORE intends to work with organizations like The Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce, McDEVCO and the Entrepreneurial Development Center to offer instructional workshops, advisory board services and individual guidance.  In addition, where appropriate, SCORE will participate in community outreach to help communities develop strategies for enticing and expanding businesses.


Workshop expansions are also planned.  They’ll include “Meet an Entrepreneur” where successful entrepreneurs discuss challenges of small businesses followed by interactive dialogue and a workshop covering common information technology topics.  As a supplement to other services, SCORE will facilitate round table discussions on requested topics at host company locations.

SCORE intends to make significant contributions to the community by helping businesses form, flourish and expand revenue and employee base.  

To learn more about SCORE or to request SCORE services, call The Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce at 715-845-6231 or visit

By Ray Hall, Wausau SCORE Counselor 



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