Entrepreneurial Financing

Unless you plan to fund your new business from your own bankroll, you most likely will need an investor at some point along the way.
Nonprofits aren't the only businesses eligible for government grants. Since 2010, for-profit company Canopy Apps has received $2 million in National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants to develop translation technology for medical professionals working with patients who don't speak English.
What if something as simple as flying a kite could bring much needed water to developing countries? It can, according to entrepreneur Robert Creighton, founder of WindLift, which won the Gaylord Nelson Award for Sustainability and took second place in the Burrill Technology Business Plan Competition, held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in April.
During the first six months of the 2011-2013 legislative session, the Governor and Legislature have worked together to create three significant economic development-related incentives, besides the new Wisconsin Economic Development Authority.
Low-cost Financing Solution for Business Expansion and New Development in Marathon County
Raising brass: Convincing investors to chip in. There are numerous ways to structure companies and raise funds, which is why it's important to begin with people you trust