Poised for Business Partnerships

UW-Stout’s Discovery Center Poised for Business Partnerships

The polytechnic culture at University of Wisconsin-Stout has initiated and fueled strong partnerships with industry for more than 100 years. One of the more visible demonstrations of these partnerships began with the formation of the Stout Technology Transfer Institute (STTI) over 30 years ago, putting UW-Stout’s technologies and specialists within reach of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs. 

The success of the STTI model fueled the creation of the Discovery Center in July 2009. By integrating UW-Stout’s applied research assets and expertise, along with its relationships with community and industry leaders, the Discovery Center facilitates collaborative partnerships leading to innovation-based and knowledge-driven solutions for businesses, student learning and economic development.

In its first year the Discovery Center selected and launched more than 65 projects in the areas of new product development, food research, manufacturing research, quality and management systems support, sustainable energy, industry cluster development and economic development. Projects are selected that provide participation opportunities for multiple disciplines, leverage close collaboration with industry partners, closely match the priorities of UW-Stout programs and provide solutions to industry challenges with broad impacts.

Representative collaborative projects with industry have included:

New Product Development

  • Bio-based fuel
  • Next generation flashlight
  • Organic convenience food
  • Pediatric medical device
  • Solar panel coating

Industry Research

  • Impact of health care costs on manufacturing
  • Impact of process improvement on manufacturing
  • Impact of corporate strategic repositioning
  • Impact of corporate training program
  • Succession planning in family business

Business and Industry Development

  • Website usability assessment
  • Gluten-free bakery development
  • Ethnic food production
  • Website to mobile device integration
  • Virtual simulation with value stream mapping

Industry Cluster Development and Workforce Development

  • Assessment of essential skill sets in construction cluster
  • Food production cluster development
  • Matching displaced worker skill sets with alternate industry needs

To learn more about the Discovery Center or to submit a project idea for consideration, visit www.uwstout.edu/discoverycenter.


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